A dear client mentioned to me this week that she has tried everything to eat healthy and exercise, but is still having cravings!!!!  Are you feeling the same? I know some days I have cravings too and guess what? I cave in. I eat lollies, ice-cream and all the 'bad' food my body is asking for. Although it isn't the best response, it's the only way I can survive the day. I am learning to acknowledge that cravings are critical messages that my body is deficient. To crack the cravings, I need to be a detective! If you are having cravings, you can be your own detective too. 


Our bodies are amazing, intricate and detailed masterpieces! Your heart beats without you telling it to; (most of the time) a cut heals without intervention; and babies grow without an instruction manual! We are the ultimate work of art. If we are out of balance or lacking something that's when cravings creep up.  Cravings are messages saying there is an imbalance that needs to be addressed.

To help work out why you are having cravings, when you find yourself craving 'bad food' stop and take the time to deconstruct it. Analyse it. Look at your life (diet, relationships, work, exercise/movement) and assess where you need more balance. Eating can be a form of compensation, especially when area's of your life aren't right. Some questions you can ask yourself include:

  • Am I board, under-stimulated or over-worked?
  • Am I craving touch and connection?
  • Do I need to adjust my level of exercise (too much can be just as harmful as not enough)?
  • Am I thirsty? Do I need water? Dehydration is a really big cause of cravings.
  • Am I tired?
  • Am I stressed or worried?
  • Do I need to take time for self-love and self-care?
  • Is the weather and seasons changing (so my diet needs to change)?

If you are having cravings see them as important messages. Respect that your body is really intelligent and perfectly made. Take the time to stop and be a detective. Assess which areas of your life are lacking, or out of balance. Take notes over the course of a week to notice any patterns or linkages. Adjust the areas that need adjusting and respond by making the appropriate changes. Keep taking notes during the week after you make changes to see if your changes have made a difference to your cravings.

Share this with your mum, sister, girlfriend or colleague and support each other in getting healthy.

Have a great day!

I have cravings. Do you? 

I have cravings. Do you?